Photos and Updates from the Bayou 2012
The wild iris' are blooming and they are beautiful as usual.  3/14/2012
A Great Blue Heron on the left and a Great Egret on the right.  Both about the same  size but the
camouflage on the Great Blue is very effective.   Note breeding plumage on Great Egret
Attakapas Adventures Swamp Tours
A different kind of wildlife - Butterfly King,
Rex Parade, New Orleans 2012
A South Louisiana sunset
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Pair of Bald Eagles on lake.  The one on the left is
banded on it's right leg.                              3/16/2012
Great day on the lake!!!                              3/23/2012
One of the Osprey nest in my area.   6/21/12
A golden dragonfly.                                  6/22/12
John Waters, wildlife photographer, patiently
waiting on Osprey.                          6/25/12
Beautiful sunrise in swamp with Great Blue Heron
flying across taken by Randy on way to filming
location.                                               6/22/12
From June 21 to 25th my son, Randy and I had the
great opportunity and pleasure to work with folks
filming a wildlife documentary for National
Geographic and Animal Planet on the Atchafalya
Swamp in my area.  They were filming the Osprey
on the nest.  It was all sunrise to sunset work, in
the hot sticky south Louisiana summer.  I have a
whole new respect for wildlife photography.  
John Waters, wildlife and landscape
photographer.  He looks relaxed here but became
very focused when the birds started flying.  
Nick Cockcroft, sound operator,  also on
documentary filming crew.  All three were
great people.  We throughly enjoyed their
My son, Randy, had to have a peak through
the camera.  He was a great help to me.
The Osprey nest that was filmed the most.  It had
two chicks and was fairly low.                 6/23/12
Daniela Pulverer, producer, pausing for a
moment to admire a friendly dragonfly.