Photos and Updates from the Bayou 2011
These three eagles landed in a pecan
tree in my front yard waiting for the cars
to pass so they could get to some road
.An Osprey.  What a magnificent bird.
Attakapas Adventures Swamp Tours
An Osprey nest with both adults atop.  Babies
should be hatched first part of June
Attakapas Adventures LLC
Captain Ginger A. Rushing
1324 Hwy. 401
Napoleonville, La. 70390
985-369-8588 or 985-637-8923
Barred Owls...Above is the adult and the baby
is below.  They nested in an old hollow
pecan tree in my yard.  There were three
babies.  I get to enjoy hearing them almost
every night.
My grand daughter, Ala and a fish she caught
today while attending the local KC Youth
Fishing Rodeo.  A good time was had by all.
Ala and her Uncle Randy showing off
another one.  Thanks to Uncle Randy I had a
hand with the baiting and unhooking lines
from cypress knees
.  We had a total of 5
kids on the boat and everyone caught.  
Flood of 2011-  We are preparing for a major flood in my area due to the opening of the
Morganza Spillway.  It was opened today (May 14, 2011) at 3PM.  Only one lock was opened
today and another is expected to be opened tomorrow.  This spillway system was setup in
1954 and only used once, in 1973 so there are many unknowns.  It is expected to slowly bring
flood water to my area within 6 days at a height of at least 2.5'.  Some maps show the
possibility of 10'.  I will try to post often to keep everyone informed.

My concern, after people, is the wildlife.  They will be force out of their normal areas and will
be looking for higher ground.  This can include alligators, raccoons, possums, and even the
Louisiana Black Bear.   I ask anyone living or traveling in the area to be aware of animals that
may be crossing highways and be patient with any that may enter your yard.  They just need
dry ground and will move on as soon as they can.  They don't want to be with you any more
than you might want them with you.  Please have a heart.  This is effecting them also.

5/20/11   Flood waters are moving slower than expected.  Nothing here yet. There is a "NO
WAKE" law in effect in all waterways in Assumption Parish when passing in front of camps and
homes.  State Wildlife officers are out and are writing tickets.   Schools are closed after today
in case they are needed for evacuees.  The speed zone has been lowered in some areas to
allow the wildlife safer crossing so please keep an eye out when traveling highways.  I'm
starting to hear about animal rescues including a nest of young osprey.  The osprey are on
the nest and the young ones aren't ready to leave the nest yet.  With the water getting high, it
gives the alligators a chance to get to them.  

6/11/2011  All but one gate on the Morganza Spillway have been closed.  The "No Wake" law
has been dropped.  Folks are moving things back into their camps.  Seems like we missed the
bullet on this one, thankfully.
I've gotten a couple of e-mails asking if I do
trips out where Troy Landry does his
alligator trapping on
Swamp People.  
This seems to be a popular TV show.  Yes,
I go out into some of the same areas.  Troy
 traps in Assumption Parish (County for
you folks not in Louisiana).  Give me a call.
 I'll take you out and show you around.  If
you like the scenery on the show I can
show it to you up close and personal.
Have you ever been frogging in a south
Louisiana swamp?  Have you snatched a
big bull frog from a muddy swamp bank?  
How about eaten fresh frog legs?  My son
has a boat that will get you to them.
Frogging adventures give you a view of
a Louisiana swamp at night with different
sights and sounds from the day.  The
method is easy and is great fun.  You
slowly ride along the edge of the swamp
shining a light.  The frogs eyes, as well as
the gator's, shine.  You then creap up to
them and grab em.  Randy has been
frogging for years and the boat is safe
and comfortable.  Give us a call to make
arrangements for a real swamping
adventure of you own.  
A sample of the frogs
we catch out in the
nearby swamp.  I
caught these crossing
the road near my
house.  My grand
daughter thought they
were wonderful.  Her
mother didn't quite
agree, esp when we
had them swimming in
the bath tub.  These of
course these weren't
eaten but were safely
returned to the swamp
the next day.