Photos and Updates from the Bayou 2010
Broadmoor United Methodist Church Group.  
This is their 4th Eagle outing with me!  We had a
beautiful day.                                                 
Our state bird, the Brown Pelican.  3/28/10
Attakapas Adventures Swamp Tours
Attakapas Adventures LLC
Captain Ginger A. Rushing
1324 Hwy. 401
Napoleonville, La. 70390
985-369-8588 or 985-637-8923
Wild Blackberry bush in the yard.  It sure
is beautiful when it's blooming.  
An Azalea bush in my yard.  I think this
past hard cold winter made them bloom
beautifully this year.
Butterweed, one of my favorite wildflowers.
Wild Thistle, good for a salad.  You eat the
Thistle stalk.  Very similar to celery.  The
seeds are a  favorite of the American
Little Blue Heron                    3/28/2010