Updates & Photos from the bayou 2009
Scouring Rush are a one of the oldest plants on earth
and are found in low lying areas.  It has hollow jointed
segments and doesn't make any leaves.  They
contain silicon crystals and were used to scrub pots
and for light sanding.  They grow about 4' tall but 3-4
million years ago they were huge.
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Glenwood Sugar House - built in the early
1800's.  Now closed and pieces are being
bought and shipped out the country for
another sugar mill.  Hard to believe it's
gone.                                      1/09
Largest full moon of the year!  It was
beautiful.                                   1/10/09
Osprey on cypress branch.  I'm not
sure but he seems to have only one
leg.                                             1/23/09
Peregrin Falcon      We got
another rare sighting of the one
in the lake area.  It's a real treat
every time.                          1/23/09
Snow Geese  Not in my area but on a trip back from Shreveport about mid way between Alexandria
and Opelousas.  First time I see so many birds.  Very impressive.  I've been told they have banned
the hunting of them in this area along Interstate 49 due to the recent hurricanes.                     1/28/09
Red-bellied Woodpecker in my backyard.  
He's coming to my bird feeders.  This one is
a male.                                                    1/31/09
I think the Eagle Expo 09 went well.  Everyone
saw plenty of eagles as well as lots of other
birds.  I caught the picture to the left between
trips.  If you click on it you will see that it is a
banded bird.  From the info that I have found,
it is a federally banded bird and the band is
aluminum.  It has 8 numbers on it that wrap
around the band so any picture will not be
able to capture all 8 numbers.  The band was
designed to identify the bird if it was captured
or found dead.                                        2/13/09
The Swamp Maple are beautiful.  One of the
first signs of Spring.  The red is not flowers but
seeds that will dry, fall off and fly away.  
A Juvenile eagle flying around with a
cypress branch.                       
Brown Pelican                              2/07/09
This squirrel seemed quite happy tucked away
in this old power pole.  Shot taken in Baton
Rouge at my son's house.
Robin's were once a familiar sight in
everyone's front yard during the coldest part of
winter.  Now I rarely see them.  This one I
caught in Baton Rouge at my son's house.  He
says he has seen quite a few this past winter.  
This Osprey nest is in a cypress tree along
the edge of a nearby lake.  They nest a little
later than the eagles.
A Great Egret with it's breeding plumage
blowing in the breeze.  Quite beautiful.
I was surprised to find this moss picker.  I don't
see people doing this anymore.  It once was a way
of living.  Moss pickers would make 1-3 cents a
One of my other Osprey nest.  I know of 3
different ones.  Notice the Osprey sitting on
the bare branch off to the right.  
Spring is in the air.  If you look at the picture
to the right you will see a
pair of alligators.  
The small one to the left is the female and
probably about 7 feet long.  The big bull to the
right dwarfs her in comparison.  
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Terrebone Bird Club came out 3/21/09 for a viewing of birds in the area. It was their second trip out
with me.   We then went to Leroy's for lunch.  Saw quite a few different birds.  I think everyone had a
great time.  There was quite a bit of knowledge on board.    These folks knew their birds.   To view
pictures taken you may visit
Broadmoor United Methodist Church came out
to see the Eagles.  It was their 3rd trip out  with
me.    Some picnicked along the way and some
ate at Leroy's.  The crawfish boudin was a hit.     
The apple of my eye, my grand daughter, on a
recent fishing trip.  She still enjoys playing with
the worms more than actually fishing but she's
getting there.   3/22/09
A Painted Bunting in my backyard.  Finally!!  It
took me months last year to figure out what
was singing that unusual beautiful song.  I
hear him all day but he's tough to spot even
though he should stand out with all those
colors.  Finally got a decent shot today. 5/26/09
New Osprey nest in Texas Cove built this
year.  4th one in the area that I know of.   
The Eagles are back.  Had 2
over my house today and saw
3 on lake last weekend!   They
will be in the area till sometime
in April.                                           
A rare site in my swamp, a Roseate
.    11/08/09
A banded Louisiana Brown Pelican.  Can
anyone help me out to find out where this
bird was banded?                           11/08/09