Updates & Photos from the bayou 2008
Barred Owl                                           2/9/08
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Captain Ginger A. Rushing
1324 Hwy. 401
Napoleonville, La. 70390
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Attakapas Adventures Swamp Tours
A pair of Bald Eagles along the edge of
Lake Verret.                          2/23/08
The Swamp Maples, with a first sign of
Spring.                                            2/24/08
A Gold Finch, one of many migratory birds
that pass through the area eating on a
thistle.                                                   4/03/08
The Louisiana Brown Iris.  Not as abundant
or large as the purple but still a real treat.       
Tumey's Travels on WAFB TV in Baton
came out and did a story on the iris'
that are blooming throughout the swamp.  
Below is the story line.  If you click on the  link
below you can see the video.

April 8, 2008 - "Wild Louisiana Irises"

Ginger Rushing shoves off from Attakapas
Landing in Napoleonville and guides her
boat across the waters of Lake Verret. She is
on a quest-hunting down our official state
wildflower. It's an easy quest. The swamps
and bayous of southern Louisiana are full of
wild irises right now.

Ginger says, "It's a really nice time of the
year. You get to see a lot of color out in the
swamp, and they last for such a short time,
so you've really got to come and catch them
while they're blooming."

Ginger runs Attakapas Adventures -- boat
tours throughout Lake Verret and adjoining
waters. Here spring is always special. "It's a
green leaves," she says. "Everything is
budding out. The birds are singing.
Everybody is nesting, and the swamp just as
far back as you can see covered with purple

These are irises the way God made them,
untouched by the hand or science of man.
Ginger says people "see them in stores and
the garden variety, but to see something wild
like this, it's a real treat a real treat to them.
It's totally different."

Not that it really matters, I asked Ginger if she
knows why the iris was chosen official
Louisiana wildflower. She says, "Look how
beautiful they are! Why not? And they're in our
bald cypress tupelo swamp, and they're just

WAFB TV Tumey's Travels Wild Iris Story
A Little Blue Heron or  "Louisiana Heron"
An Osprey looking back over his shoulder
checking us out.  He was perched near his
nest.  One of two along the route.     4/16/08
One of the two Osprey nest.  Not quite as
big as an Eagles nest but still pretty
impressive.                                         4/16/08
I finally caught a pretty good picture of a
Prothonotary Warbler.  One of my favorite
Spring time visitors.  They are also called a
Swamp Canary.                             
We survived yet another hurricane.  Gustave gave us a pretty good hit.  The eye
passed right through the lake.  I was out of electricity for two and a half weeks and
without cable for 2 months, which also meant no phone or Internet.  We had lots of tree
damage.  The cypress faired pretty well though.  I did loose a few old growth trees
which was kind of sad.  But for the most part we have all dug out and are on the
they have a bit of nest rebuilding to do.  Also, I had a full page in the October issue of
SOUTHERN LIVING magazine.  11/08
The 2009 Eagle Expo dates have
been set and they are now taking
reservations.  The dates are
.  For more info email or call.

Cajun Coast Visitors and
Convention Bureau
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also go to
for pictures from the past 3 Expos
An American Kestrel on electric wires quite
often on the way to town on Hwy 401.  Look for
him on your way down to the lake.