Updates & Photos from the bayou 2007

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Shell Midden along Lake Verret.    
Iris's in Tupelo Swamp
Le Monde
Bald Eagle atop a Cypress
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Barataria-Terrebone National Estuary
site.  It contains lots of good info
on the area
Group from Broadmoor Methodist
in Baton Rouge.  What a great
March 28,02007
The Tupelos are making berries.
Here's a Great Blue Heron with
big ambitions.  That's a mouthful of
fish he's got a hold of.            
Everyone wants to know if we
really have
deer here.  Here's
proof from Troy Borne caught on
his deer cam.
In March I had the pleasure of hosting a
group of great students and faculty from
MIT.  They were down in New Orleans
working on various class projects.  Not
only did they see the devastation of
Katrina first hand but they pitched in for a
day and helped out with some rebuilding.
They also came out to the bayou and
spent the night at the camp.  I cooked a
they seemed to enjoy.  They paddled a
pirouge and a batoe up and down the
bayou like they had done it all their lives
and later that night they went out and
recorded night sounds and got to  visited
with some guys out frogging.  
The next day I took them out and showed
them the beautiful cypress swamp
explaining how it is being lost.  All they
while they were recording everything that
was said and doing interviews.  

One project was a radio broadcast which
they  titled "
Nerds in New Orleans"  which
aired on their school station, Terrascope
Radio station.  I think their hard work paid
You may hear it for yourself at the above
link.  I'll post pictures as soon as I get
Interesting, but in French.  
Those of you that can read
French, enjoy!      4/11/07
White Ibis.  Notice the curved beak.
Swamp Mallow blooming in
the swamp.           
We caught this Persimmon tree full of
fruit.  The deer love to eat them.  
The Wild Pecan trees are full this year.  
The wildlife will have plenty to eat.  
Another pic of some wild Hibiscus.
*The Bald Eagles are back!!!  I saw 5 last week. * 9/29/07
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To the left is a virgin cypress.  A couple of weeks
ago Harvey Stern with the
Louisiana Purchase
Cypress Legacy came out and measured a few in
my area with me.  This is the  largest along my
route.  The circumference around the base is
23'11".   His website is a registry of virgin Bald
Cypress trees that were around at the time of the
his registry.  I think this is a tremendous step
toward saving these ancient majestic trees.  

Update Oct. 2008 - This magnificent tree was
lost to Hurricane Gustave August 2008.
Another ancient cypress out in
Lake Verrett.
We do tend to have beautiful sunsets
here.  What is it about the silhouette of
a cypress tree against a setting sun?