Updates & Photos from the bayou 2006
Attakapas Adventures Swamp Tours
A Bald Eagle's nest  If you look carefully
you can see the head of an adult in the
center.  This season we have quite a few
eagles out on the lake.   We will keep an eye
out to see if we can catch a glimpse of the
A juvenile eagle. Probably one
from last years nest.  Young but
still majestic and beautiful to see.
Eagle Expo 06 Article  
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Capt. Ginger Rushing
1324 Hwy. 401
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Jim Cavaziel aboard the Attakapas
Princess during shooting of Deja
Vu.  Very nice guy.                   
Mistletoe is found throughout
swamp and is easier to see in
winter after all the other leaves
have fallen.                   
The wild iris blooming in the
swamp.  They don't last long, only
about 3 weeks,  but boy are they
My son Randy and friend Steve
after a  fishing trip.